How To Lose 18 Pounds In 7 Days

Are you looking for the fastest way to lose weight? Are you having a big party in a couple of weeks time and are looking to get into skinny clothes that fit your properly? Are you going out on a date in a couple of week’s time? Whatever be the reason that you are trying to lose weight, you have come to the correct page that will provide you with the ideal tips that will help you to easily lose weight in a week’s time.

It is important for you to find the right kind of weight reduction method to get back into shape and never fall prey to diet pills and weight loss supplement advertisements that you come across on television channels and the internet. If you are able to combine a proper and healthy diet with an exercise regime, then this could be your passport to the fastest way to lose weight and that too naturally. The first and foremost thing that you should remember is that you should not skip meals or eat at irregular times in any weight loss plan. If you ever thought that skipping a meal or two an eating a hearty meal only once a day is never going to help in reducing your weight. Also, make sure that you set realistic weight loss target goals before beginning a weight loss program and try to achieve the set target. Always bear in mind that you can only stretch your body to a certain limit with rigorous exercise routines and a well balanced and healthy diet plan.
One of the most popular and commonly followed diet plans of many weight loss enthusiasts is the General Motors diet plan and this plan is the best plan that you can come across on various sources that will provide you with the fastest way to lose weight and that too naturally without intake any other health supplements or diet pills. General Motors is one of the leading car manufacturing brands and they have come up with a renowned and successful General Motors Diet Plan or GM Diet Plan that is followed by many other companies as well as educational institutions as it will help in improving the well being of people working in an office or a school or a college or any other industry. The GM diet plan is found to be successful in people of all age groups and there are even claims that people have been able to lose 8 kilograms of weight within a week’s time by following the diet plan from GM.

There are quite a lot of people who are a bit plumper for their liking and are looking at different ways to lose weight without putting in a big effort. There have quite a lot of people who have tried various options like yoga, workout in the gym, running, jogging and regular exercise to reduce weight but have not been able to get rid of the excess fat deposits on their body and to reduce their weight. If your bulkiness is your worry and you would like to shed off those extra kilos from your body, then GM diet could be the answer to all your weight problems.

GM Diet Plan Chart

How To Lose 18 Pounds In 7 Days

If you are ready to go on a GM diet plan, the first thing is that you need to do is to get your mind ready for the diet regime that you are going to follow. Only if you have a controlled and peaceful mind will you be able to be successful in this weight loss plan that offers you the fastest way to lose weight. The diet plan is for one week and through this diet period you will only be allowed to take specific foods as prescribed in the diet plan for each of these seven days. It is believed that you will be able to reduce about 5 to 8 kilograms in weight when you follow the diet plan exactly as mentioned below.

The most important thing that you need to realize in this fastest way to lose weight is to not stay hungry at all. This will do the opposite and instead of your plans to lose weight you might end up gaining a few extra kilograms. This plan suggests you the right amount and the right quantity of food that you can intake in order to make you feel you are full always. You might be curious thinking of how a diet plan will work when you are allowed to eat and that too at a specified amount. Also, many people who took this lose weight diet program from GM were puzzled on how a diet program that does not ask you to fast will help in effective weight loss. But, there is nothing to worry about in this diet plan as it is a sure shot procedure that will help you to reduce your overall body weight by 5 to 8 kilos in about a week.

Day One

The first day is the most important day in your GM diet plan program. You are just stepping into the world of knowing how you can reduce your body weight and that too in 7 days time. The GM diet plan says that the first day of the diet must be a complete fruit diet day. You have the option of eating all the fruits that you possibly can and also take in whatever fruit that you like. But, it is important for you to make sure that you avoid bananas from your fruit list on day one. Some of the suggested fruits that you can take on the GM’s weight loss diet plan are watermelons and cantaloupe. You are also supposed to drink about 8 to 12 glasses of water on day one and make sure that you do not even touch any other food items, not even raw or boiled vegetables. If you need this plan to work effectively in your body, then you should only consume various kinds of assorted fruits throughout the day. If you feel hungry, try to eat more fruits and of course drink water.

Day Two

If day one was a day that gave you the opportunity to binge on your favorite fruits, then day two provides you an opportunity to eat only vegetables throughout the day. You can take in the vegetables that you like both in the raw state and in cooked state. But, it is important for you to make sure that you do not use any sort of oil while cooking vegetables. Consuming boiled vegetables are also a good option. You can take any vegetable that you like including potatoes. But, it would be safe for you to try out the boiled potatoes early in the morning itself so that the carbohydrates get burnt during the course of the day. Some of the common vegetables that are good to be consumed on day 2 of the lose weight diet regime are: cooked beans, raw and cooked carrot, broccoli, cucumber, boiled bottle and ridge gourd, lettuce, boiled cabbage and so on. There is no doubt that your digestive system will completely undergo an overhaul by the evening and you also would need to visit the toilet more times than before. Make sure that you do not miss out on your daily dose of 8 to 12 glasses of water along with a strict veggie diet on day two.

Day Three

The third dray of your GM weight lose plan will allow you to take both vegetables and fruits for the entire day. Make sure that you do not touch potatoes in the veggie section and also make sure that you do not consume bananas from the fruit section. You have the option of going for a fruit diet in the morning followed by a veggie diet in the afternoon and a fruit diet in the evening followed by a veggie and fruit diet at night. The options and the permutations and combinations of consuming the fruit and vegetable diet or combination of both the diets is totally left to your disposal. You can decide on what you would like to have provided it is fruits and vegetables. Never miss the option of drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water even on day three as well.

Day Four

Day four would interest dieters looking for the fastest way to lose weight as it is filled with a banana and milk diet. Yes, you need to take at least a minimum of 8 to 10 bananas throughout the day and are allowed three glasses of milk. You might be a bit worried if this diet will make you feel hungry. But, on the contrary, you will feel quite full with this diet plan at the end of the day. You need to divide the bananas and the glasses of milk properly so that you do not feel any kind of starvation on the fourth day of GM diet plan regime. Consuming a banana and a glass of milk in the morning followed by a couple of bananas during the midday will be an ideal start to day four. You can take a glass of milk and two bananas for lunch on day four. You can also take a couple of bananas in the evening or even three bananas and then take a couple of bananas and a glass of milk at night. There will be no sign of hunger at all throughout the entire day if you follow this simple day four regime.

Day Five

If you love having a feast, then day 5 of the GM’s lose weight diet plan offers you the opportunity to a feast on day five. It is the day when you can have a cup of brown rice for lunch and take about six to seven tomatoes throughout the day. As there is every chance of producing a lot of uric acid in your body, it is ideal for you to increase the water level from 12 glasses to 15 glasses on day five.

Day Six

You are in for another feast day on day six of the GM’s diet plan. Here too, you will be allowed to take a cup of brown rice in the afternoon for lunch and you also need to stick on to a vegetable diet for the rest of the day. It is also important for you to make sure that you take at least 8 to 12 glasses of water on day six as well. This is the penultimate day of your seven day GM diet plan regime and you are sure to feel quite lighter than before by the sixth day. There is no doubt that you will also be improving your digestive system completely with this seven day diet plan from General Motors.

Day Seven

This is the last day of the lose weight diet plan from GM. Here, you are allowed to take a cup of brown rice and all the veggies that you would love to eat along with the fruit juice of your choice. This is considered to be the best day of your entire diet regime as you have the option to eat all the vegetables that you like and to flush it off by consuming the fruit juices of your choice.


From the 4th day of your GM Diet Plan, the GM Diet Soup can be eaten for breakfast.



  • Onions – 6 large onions
  • Green Peppers – 2
  • Tomatoes – 3
  • Cabbage – 1
  • Celery – 1 bunch
  • Water – 22 oz of water


  • Start off with the onions and green pepper. Cut up the onions and green pepper and lightly saute it with a few drops of olive oil till they turn a light brown.
  • Next up is the celery, tomatoes and cabbage. Chop them up and add everything to a large pot with water.

Bring it to a boil and slow cook it till everything is tender. You probably need to cook this for close to 60 min. Add salt, dried herbs or spices and pepper for seasoning.

There is no doubt that you will see a considerable amount of weight loss in  your body and you have done nothing other than following a strict fruit and vegetable and drinking water diet plan. There are also quite a lot of benefits that you gain from the GM diet plan. You will see your face to glow even better than before and also will improve your digestive system. The best advantage though would be that you would see a reduction in your body weight by about 4 to 5 kilos or even more.
So, for all the overweight people who are starving their stomach away to lose excess weight, try the healthier and fastest way to lose weight by following the simple GM diet plan.


This will help to clarify some of the most asked questions

Day 1
• All the fruit you can eat; except for bananas
• 8-12 glasses of water

Day 2
• All the vegetables you can eat; except corn
• 8-12 glasses of water

Day 3
• all the vegetables and fruits you can eat; except for bananas, potatoes and corn
• 8-12 glasses of water

Day 4
• soup for breakfast
• 8-10 bananas
• 3 glasses of milk
• 8-12 glasses of water

Day 5
• Soup for breakfast
• 1 cup brown rice for lunch
• 6-7 tomatoes throughout the day
• 12-15 glasses of water

Day 6
• Soup for breakfast
• 1 cup brown rice for lunch
• Vegetables the rest of the day; no corn
• 8-12 glasses of water

Day 7
• Soup for breakfast
• 1 cup of brown rice
• lots of vegetables; no corn
• fruit juice (freshly squeezed only)
• 8-12 glasses of water



  • Tomato – red carrots, watermelon and papayas
  • Brown rice – quinoa
  • Banana – papayas, kiwis and apricots
  • Onion (for the soup) – cauliflower
  • Milk (skim – recommended, 1%, 2%) – rice milk, almond milk, soy milk or (fat free cottage cheese – 1/2 cup for each meal) and eventually activa yogurt
  • Water for the soup – low sodium vegetable broth 100% fat-free and low-calorie


  • Vinaigrette, olive oil, malt, white or wine vinegar, squeezed lemon, garlic and dried herbs


  • Allowed as long as they are consumed alongside water


  • Homemade


  • Recipe enough for 4 days
  • Eaten for breakfast (allowed +1 bowel during the day if you feel hungry)
  • Can skip if not hungry


  • 8 ounces

NOT ALLOWED (from questions you asked)

  • Hummus, V8 juice, alcohol, sweet foods, hash browns, olives, pickles, avocado, mustard, corn, meat, dried fruits, soy sauce, okra, dates
  • Avoid consumption of black eyed peas, lima, kidney and pinto beans (White bean, Cranberry (borlotti bean) and Flageolet are recommended)
  • Exercise – Not allowed

 DON’T get creative with the diet plan. Diet plans were made to be followed. Please try and stick within the plan we gave. With every modification you reduce the efficiency of the diet.

If you have any questions, please read the comments first.


    • You can eat normally as before the diet but don’t take more than 2000 calories daily and stay hydrated.

  1. Thank you for this website. You have the patience of Job!
    The information is clear in case you were wondering. 😀

  2. Just curious to know if anyone else GAINED weight during the diet. Started off with a bang and after day 2 had lost 3.4 lbs, but gained a pound after day 3 and gained another pound after day 4. I’m trying not to get discouraged. Not looking forward to today, not a big a fan of raw tomatoes.

  3. Started Monday today is Friday day 5. I weighed myself this morning and I lost 10 pounds awesome I’m really hoping to lose another 6 by Monday. I did eat a pickle before reading that it’s not allowed and Monday didn’t start off well, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it so I did have a very unhealthy breakfast then I jumped into the GM diet and since then besides the pickle been following it and it’s awesome. I will hopefully post my success Monday morning. Thanks, I read a lot of questions then the answers, very helpful.

  4. Hello sorry if you have already answered this question but do I have to eat the soup? Or does skipping it mess with the diet?

  5. loving this diet, I’m on day 4 and i have lost 7.2 pounds so far. i just want to ask on day 5, 6 and 7 what can i have the Brown Rice with?

    • Hi Sallylite, we’re glad you like GM diet. Brown rice may be matched with cooked vegetables. Good luck!

  6. I would like to try this diet but instead of plain water can I drink flavored water that has no calories or sugar

    Thank You

    Tracy Wells

    Please email me if you can with the answer

      • Hi, i comment here cos i cannot find where to write my questions:
        1- damn, I’ve just eat an avocado… (I’m on day 1) deal breaker? shall I re-start tomorrow, or is it ok-ish?
        Can I put olive oil on the potatoes, after boiled?
        also, for the salad, can i use balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil?
        how about chickpeas? can i use it instead of beans?
        thank you!

        • Don’t worry just continue with the diet plan. You can put no more than 1 tablespoon olive oil on the potatoes. Balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil is OK. You can use chickpeas instead of beans. You are very welcome!

          • hey! tomorrow is day 7! can i have potatoes (with some extra virgin olive oil)?
            if i do fresh fruit smoothies, what can i add to it? only water,or there’s any other liquid allowed?

  7. Am I allowed on day six and seven to eat half a cup of chick peas with my cup of brown rice. Or do I need to eat another bean like green beans?

  8. I asked previously but I started the diet today and am very excited….but my question was can you have sugarfree hard candy and like ranch sunflower seeds or and sunflower seeds? And do you need to eat raisins in moderation?

  9. Can you please advise the recommended serving size of soup for each meal? I would like to make it all up at the beginning of the week and reheat. Thank you!

  10. I was wondering if on Day 1 and 3 if I wanted to blend the fruit and add water for a smoothie, could I use frozen fruit?

  11. Starting the diet tomorrow, weight right now is 143 pounds, hoping to slim down to 135-139, will comment results, wish me luck!

  12. I cannot tolerate milk or cottage cheese. In the substitutions it says Almond milk is ok (at least that doesn’t cause throwing up), but in the comments someone asked if it was ok if the substituted Almond Milk and they were told No. Please advise (want to start after tomorrow). It also says for a substitute – eventually Activa (what does that mean) Thank tou

    • The question in the comments was about adding almond milk to black coffee which is not allowed, milk is allowed on day 4. You can use Activa yogurt as milk substitute.

  13. My husband and I are starting this diet together in a couple of days. My question is this, I use Thrive supplements that include a shake in the morning which I usually mix with a cup of soy milk 4 days a week. Is it okay to still use the shake, it has no sugar? Should I mix it with just water instead of soy milk for the week?

      • I just want to say Thank you so much for taking the time to answer literally hundreds of questions for us. It is very much appreciated!!

      • did the soup that I made have something to do with me losing only five and a half pounds because the recipe that I use cause for Campbell Soup it was a cabbage soup recipe I ate the fruits that was recommended the vegetables that was recommended I went exactly by the diet the water the only thing that I did was took a biotin every morning as I did before I started the diet

  14. On tomato day I was starving at the end of it and I ate all 6 tomatoes. Is there anything else you can have that day? Also is air popped popcorn with no butter or flavoring allowed?

    • You can have another bowel of GM soup during the day if you feel hungry. Popcorn is high glycemic and reactive, it raises blood sugar. So, popcorn is not allowed, even air popped.

  15. When it says soup for breakfast, how much soup is allowed? I just finished making it and it seems like a lot to split between just 4 bowls.

  16. My store only sells Lima, black, lentils, red kidney beans, I see all those as not allowed, what do you suggest for protein if not from the beans

      • How about Campbells Tomato juice cans? Can you drink those? I am starting my diet next Monday and trying to get all my facts together first so sorry for asking silly questions… With day one- it says eat all the fruit you can but is there a minimum that I must eat? Like if I’m not hungry and all I eat all day is one apple and one orange .. is that okay? I’m assuming that’s not but can you tell me how much I need to have?

        • Campbell’s Tomato juice is not allowed. There is no minimum for fruits to eat on day 1, but you should eat enough fruits to keep you full during the day.

  17. On day 5 can you mix the tomatoes with any of the following… Cilantro, basil, oregano, salt, pepper, lime juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, quinoa?

  18. Starting day 4. I have lost 6lbs but really have not had a good BM since starting this. Is there something I am doing wrong? I lost 3lbs the first day, 2.5 lbs the second day and only .5lbs the third day.

  19. morning of day 7 and have gained .4 pound, started at 155.6 and am now 150,6, have followed the diet, although I do drink black coffee with stevia in the morning. (am used to coffee with creamer or 1/2 & 1/2, so that was a huge step for me) I have not had a decent BM since I started so that may have something to do with the less than spectacular results.
    I am going to take a week off and try this again, five pounds is five pounds right?, Will post if any huge changes after tomorrow’s final weigh in.

  20. Hi,
    For bananas and milk day do I have to eat all of the bananas?
    I bought eight of them but I don’t think I’ll be hungry enough to eat them all.
    Is it required?


    • I ate about ten potatoes chip would that effect my weight loss and can I use cayenne pepper in my vegetables and soup also i made some soup before I started this diet a cabbage soup but it said use a can of tomatoes soup in it and a can of tomatoes I’ve been using that is that ok also what about medicine that you have to take do you still take it haven’t weight yet but can tell a different in my body and inches also

      • It will not effect your weight loss, you can use cayenne pepper. You need to make another soup. You can take meds and be on this program assuming the foods in this program are OK with your doc and are not an issue with the meds.

  21. I have a question. My banana day is on Thursday and I have to give blood for cholesterol, blood sugar, etc for work. Is eating all those bananas the day before going to raise my blood sugar a lot? If so help what do I do? Lol

  22. On the day were it says soup, brown rice for lunch, and then six or seven tomato throughout the day. I don’t like tomatoes. What can I substitute to eat the rest of the day since I don’t like tomatoes? Can I mix beans in with the brown rice?

  23. I was wondering if I can put sprinkle cinnamon on my fruit, also can I put a little honey in my tea,
    and last, is it ok to eat a few raw unsalted almonds?

  24. I’m only about 140 pounds and muscular and toned with the exception of a little fat on my tummy, do you think I’ll still get the same results as others or because of how I don’t have too much to lose that this won’t work as much on me?

    • Hi April, your dad probably thinks about potassium intake from bananas. An average banana has 13.4% of the recommended daily amount of potassium, so 8-10 bananas, if you don’t eat any other foods that are rich in potassium is perfectly safe. You need to eat more than 100 bananas per day to overdose on potassium and B6.

  25. Hi, it says no excerise allowed, but I work full time as a house maid. 5 houses a day, and sometimes my days are as long as 11 hours. I sweat A LOT. Should I increase my intake of anything In particular? Or just keep it as is.

  26. Can you eat black beans or chickpeas? And are you along to blend the veggies to make ur own veggie burgers for veggie day? Also are nuts allowed?

    • Can’t have almonds. Mushroom rice is not recommended, but you can have if you use only a few mushrooms.

  27. Hi. I had a few questions. Is it ok to have pineapples,strawberries, and honeydew day 1? Also can you use a lil butter to flavor vegetables on vegetable day? And last question, if I do not like the soup do I have to substitute it for something else or can I just skip it? Thank u

    • It,s OK to have pineapples, strawberries and honeydew on day 1. Little butter is fine. You can skip the soup.

      • So if I don’t want to eat the soup at all i don’t have to? Can the brown rice be the kind out of those little cups that you microwave?

        • Yes, you can skip the soup if you are not hungry. You can use that brown rice if it’s sugar free.

  28. Can you do more than one week?? And what happens on days 8 and 9?? Do you eat chicken and veggies and stuff?? I was thinking of doing the diet for a week.. Eating good for a couple days then hitting it again until I loose the 30 pounds I want to loose

    • You can repeat the diet after 3-7 days. Yes, after day 7 you can eat chicken, veggies, fruits, meat and the rest of the food.

    • Loved this diet to bits, my favourite day was day 4,banana day, made banana smoothie was awesome, would love to continue with the diet until I loose 20kg.thanks

  29. If you fill up on water for any of the fruit or vegetable days do you have to eat or is it ok to just have water?

  30. I’m very very over weight and I need to lose about 100 pounds… I absolutely hate veggies because of henlacor and textures… I’ve tried to eat veggies but it dont do very good… Is there a substitute for the soul and all the veggies?

  31. Day 3 almost over and still doing great! I am really surprised no one has mentioned the error in the amount of water for the soup. It is impossible to make this soup with so little water, you actually need about 4 times that amount. Could you tell me if I can drink fruit infused water (homemade) on days 4,5,6,and 7?

    • There is no error in the amount of water, but you can add water as much as you want. Sure, you can drink fruit infused water.

  32. I’m finishing up day 5 of this diet. Started first thing Monday morning. It’s been really tough since I am a huge fan of sweets. Not having my morning coffee every day has been really rough. Migraines the first day, small headache the second. Been feeling okay since Tuesday evening as far as the withdrawals from coffee go. I’ve lost 8 pounds so far. I don’t look any different so I assume it’s mainly water weight and emptying the bowels. I cheated a little and put the brown rice in my cabbage soup. Changed the texture and now I really enjoy it. Wasn’t a fan before adding the brown rice. I’ve not had any coffee, tea, or processed sugar since before Monday morning. That has a lot to do with it. I’m consuming right under or right at a thousand calories a day or so. But I also work as a house cleaner for a living so I’m burning a lot more than that. I can totally understand how the weight is coming off. But it doesn’t make me miss my sweets any less! LOL. So far so good!

  33. On Day 6 is the ONLY thing you’re allowed that day the 1 cup of rice and the tomatoes? It’s not in addition to other veggies….right?

  34. I would love to start this but I have been doing low carb for 6 months. Would it hurt me if I started this diet Monday? I don’t eat fruit, rice or potatoes now. I’ve heard if you start eating carbs your weight will all come back plus some. Also does this weight stay off once you have reached your goal of you maintain a healthy low cal diet plus exercise? Thanks in advance.

    • Sure, you can start with this diet. The question of whether the weight will stay off after the person has finished the diet depends more on you than the diet itself. The GM plan consists of fresh, unprocessed food. If you get into the habit of eating these types of foods, then this will make it easier for you to keep the weight off.

  35. I juswanted to give an update. I finished my last day yesterday, as of day 5 I had lost 7 pounds. Weighed my self this morning and total weight loss is 17 pounds. Now, I didn’t exercise due to pulled muscle in back and then mother nature showing her ugly head with nasty cramps, lol. Also I did not eat soup on day 6 or 7 because I just could not tolerate it, sorry. I also did not eat the brown rice on day 7, couldn’t tolerate that either. But dont worry I wasn’t hungry.
    Update on my husband’s week, he started Monday so today is his day 5 and he has a weight loss of 10 pounds.

      • So does that mean that a can of Campbells Tomato Soup is okay? Can that be substituted the whole time? I don’t like tomatoes but can tolerate the soup… also, can I add those flavored sugar free mixes to my water? I’m a heavy pop drinker and not a fan of water

        • Tomato soup is ok but not from a can. If you don’t like tomatoes substitute with watermelon. Flavored mixes for water are ok if they have only taste value, nothing nutritional.

  36. I am starting day 5 and down 7 pounds. I lost ten pounds leading up to this diet. I have to admit, I cheated yesterday and had a 3×3 inch square of cheese pizza and a low fat mozzarella cheese stick along with 5 bananas and milk. I still lost a pound but I regretted it when I only had a one pound loss today. No cheating from here on out!
    My stats so far are:
    Day 1: 1.5
    Day 2: 2
    Day 3: 2.5
    Day 4: 1

  37. I’ve seen in comments that we are suppose to eat beans, but I do not see when and how much in the overview or body of diet plan…..

    • Day 2: “Some of the common vegetables that are good to be consumed on day 2 of the lose weight diet regime are: cooked beans, raw and cooked carrot, broccoli, cucumber, boiled bottle and ridge gourd, lettuce, boiled cabbage…”

  38. Morning of Day 5, I have lost 9.4 lbs. I have a question about day 5, Since watermelon is a substitute for tomato , I will have the soup and brown rice and I am going to try to eat just tomato but if I feel unsatisfied can I eat some watermelon too?

    • It’s better to use watermelon or papayas because they contain more lycopene, red carrots are the last option.

    • You can use Naked juice but you know that homemade is the best. On the label it says “no sugar added” but…

  39. Hi! So excited to try this! But I cannot eat all those bananas and all of those tomatoes. What if I ate them but just less? Like maybe four bananas and four tomatoes?


  41. I have had weight loss surgery and have to take in 70-90 grams of protein shakes per day. Will this interfere with the plan??

  42. ON day 4 it says nothing about water. Should we still have our water?
    Thank you.
    My daughter and I are getting ready to give this a try starting in the morning

  43. Today is day 7 for me. As of this morning, I’m already down 11 lbs. This wasn’t as easy as it first sounded, but I have zero regrets! Can’t wait to see my final total tomorrow morning!!

    • I lost a total of 8.2 pounds and started on March 8th. I have eaten things I know i shouldn’t and have put back on about 2 pounds. I am going to look at the calendar and try again when I can figure out a good time to do so. I am at 152 pounds and want to lose 15 pounds then stay between 135-139. I have always been a big girl, but I have made a ton of changes in my life, food is one of them!
      Good luck!

  44. I have started this diet today. My starting weight is 155 pounds I will continue to post my progress as i continue on this journey.

      • Today was my day 4 weigh-in this morning I’m down 4 pounds 151 pounds. Hopefully I can get to my goal weight loss of 10lbs. Fingers crossed.

          • Starting day 6 off at 149 pounds even. Trying not to get discouraged don’t know why I didn’t lose more. I am following this diet perfectly. Hopefully I’ll see more weight loss tomorrow And the next day.

  45. Several coworkers and myself are starting this on Monday next week. Have a few questions….Can you drink Vitamin Water during this diet? I have seen that you can use watermelon in place of the tomatoes…if that is correct, how much watermelon? Is this diet safe for people who have irritable bowel? Can you use sweet potatoes in the soup and Lipton Onion Soup mix? If you replace onions in the soup with cauliflower, how much cauliflower should be used?

    • Vitamin water is fine. Use 24-28 ounces of watermelon if you are replacing 6-7 tomatoes. People who have irritable bowel should consult with their doctor before going on any diet. Potatoes are not allowed for the soup, you may use Lipton low-sodium Onion Soup Mix. Use 72 ounces of cauliflower.

  46. If I don’t want to do the soup for days 4 through 7 can I substitute for something else? I don’t like onions, green peppers, or cabbage. I do still want to stick out the diet just need to know what to eat for breakfast on those days. Thank you ♡♡

    • There is no substitute for the soup. In your case you can make the soup from vegetables you like to eat.

  47. So forgot to ask. For the beans can you eat garden peas field peas or butter beans? Can you have chocolate milk? If not can i add any kind of chocolate to my milk or anything else. I don’t like almond soy or any of those types of milk except chocolate. And we can put butter on potato and spices? Thanks again for being so patience.

    • White bean, Cranberry (borlotti bean) and Flageolet are recommended. Can’t have chocolate milk or use any kind of chocolate. Can use small amount of butter, spices are OK.

  48. I do not like water. could i use those sugar free packs to put in my water? Also i use stevia in my decafinated tea. So does the tea i drink count as my water? Thanks you for answering all those questions and thanks for sharing this diel.

  49. What are some good options for beans? I know which ones we can’t have, but I would like to know which ones you recommend. Thank you!

  50. So many repeat questions, but haven’t seen this one. I don’t have a juicer. Only juice I can think of to fresh squeeze is orange juice. Any other suggestions on how to make the juice?

  51. I am just finishing up on this eating plan. I will say because it’s only 7 days it is far easier than most plans. The first day I felt full and satisfied. This is day 7 and I have lost 6 pounds. (still have one more day) But more importantly I feel a LOT smaller. Jeans, shirts, etc. fitting loose. It also takes away the bloat. It’s a good start to healthy eating. I’ve not had a sugar in 6 days and no withdraws, like some other diets. The soup is the best. I LOVE IT and the only problem with it is everyone in the family loves it so it’s hard to keep enough for me. I will continue to make and eat it until I get tired of it…and I don’t think that is anytime soon. It’s a great replacement to meat and starch. Thank you for sharing this. It defiantly got me motivated to loose the other 45 pounds.

  52. Is it ok to drink diet cranberry and seltzer for a substitute to some water ? Also what fruits are recommended besides watermelon and cantaloupe ?

  53. I don’t drink milk of any kind including skim, almond, or soy. What could be a substitute. Also I like to drink the v8 100% fruit/veggie blends in the morning for breakfast. Would that be okay at any point?

  54. I’m a very picky person. I do not like a lot of fruit because of there textures, nor do I like that many veggies. Being as I have been trying to lose weight the last 5 years and am having no luck. What are some of your opinions for doing a diet such as this one for someone like myself?

    • In your case the best thing you can do is to pay attention on your daily calories intake and you can drink this homemade weight loss drink.

    • I would try making smoothies. Frozen fruit and juice is what I used on day 1. Today is day 3 so I added plant protein since we can have fruit and vegetables!
      Good luck!

    • It is important to have a cup of brown rice in order to keep the energy and fiber contents levels high. You can replace it with quinoa if you don’t like rice.

  55. I have a couple of questions. When its the days for rice can we do half of a cup for lunch and the rest for dinner? Also do we have to eat the soup I’m not a big fan of soup and I would rather go without if I’m allowed. Thank you in advance

    • You can have half rice for lunch and the rest half for dinner. Just skip the soup if not hungry.

    • Or, I would think it would be okay to eat the “soup” veggies any other way you would like, boiled, raw etc. Just don’t get hungry, that’s the biggest part!

  56. My concern is about the weight following. Wouldn’t the weight just yoyo back after returning to a normal diet?

    • It has fruits and vegetables in it but also a lot of other stuffs that are not good during this diet.

  57. I just want to clarify in a nut shell this is the plan to follow:
    Day 1
    • All the fruit you can eat; except for bananas
    • 8-12 glasses of water
    Day 2
    • All the vegetables you can eat
    • 8-12 glasses of water
    Day 3
    • all the vegetables and fruits you can eat; except for bananas and potatoes
    • 8-12 glasses of water
    Day 4
    • soup for breakfast
    • 8-10 bananas
    • 3 glasses of milk
    • 8-12 glasses of water
    Day 5
    • Soup for breakfast
    • 1 cup brown rice for lunch
    • 6-7 tomatoes throughout the day
    • 12-15 glasses of water
    Day 6
    • Soup for breakfast
    • 1 cup brown rice for lunch
    • Vegetables the rest of the day
    • 8-12 glasses of water
    Day 7
    • Soup for breakfast
    • 1 cup of brown rice
    • lots of vegetables
    • fruit juice (freshly squeezed only)
    • 8-12 glasses of water
    I also had a few other questions. What kind of milk is suggested for Day 4 I am not a fan of almond milk, I usually prefer 2% I can even tolerate skim but if I have to I can try almond ? Is the soup recipe the enough servings for Day 4-7? Can you just make the recipe and divide it in 4 containers evenly and store?

    Thank you!

    • Skim milk is recommended. Yes, the soup recipe is enough for days 4-7 and of course you can divide it in 4 containers evenly and store. That’s the plan to follow. Thanks.

      • Ok, so, my wife and I are about to commit to this diet, and her only hesitation(her breaking point will be day 5, she hates tomatoes, is there an alternative acidic fruit like tomato she can use for day five?(personally im excited for day five pick em off the stem brush the dirt off and enjoy)

    • I wanted to add that non sweetened cashew or coconut milk is okay too according to the previous comments. I prefer cashew over almond milk, the cashew is creamier!
      Good Luck!

    • So it is recommended that you use Skim milk for the milk portion. So does that mean that it can only be that or could u use like 1%????

  58. Hi! I was wondering if salad dressing is allowed for the third day on the salad. Also, my salad is caprase so can I have motzerella cheese with it? In east thing, is it okay to eat a little tiny piece of cake because I’m going to a party tomorrow. Thank you!!!

    • Hi Lulu. You may use vinaigrette and olive oil for salad dressing (recommended) or plain greek yogurt and hidden valley ranch packet for salad. A little fat free mozzarella cheese is OK. During this diet sweets are not allowed but if you must then eat one tiny tiny piece. Have a nice party tomorrow.

  59. I have looked at the comments 3 times now and haven’t seen this question. On day 2 when we can have a potatoes can it be hashbrowns. I usually have bags of frozen hashbrowns for making hashbrowns casserole. Can we put them in a skillet with a little butter to fry up, or maybe the small amount of olive oil?

  60. I read through the comments but I can’t find this answer! So on day 5 the feast day, are you only allowed the soup and rice and tomatoes all day?

  61. I’m sorry if this question has been asked I didn’t see it in the comments though. Is spaghetti squash okay to eat on veggie day? If all we do to it is bake it and season it with spices?

    • A pound is a pound! If you lost 1 a day for a month, you would lose 30-31 pounds! Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see my first day results!

  62. I was reluctant to start this since I already eat really healthy but decided to give it a try anyway! It is 3/8/16 and I am at a starting weight this morning of 158.2 and want to drop the 9 pounds I picked up since Thanksgiving 2015. I did have 16 oz of coffee with Stevia and cashew milk with vanilla (my homemade creamer) when I woke up. I had a frozen blueberry, pineapple and pineapple juice smoothie for breakfast, have 3 apples and 2 pears and an orange that I will eat throughout the day and another smoothie which is strawberry, apricot, pineapple and pineapple juice. I have gotten all my veggies ready for tomorrow as well as the soup items. I will be using Quinoa instead of brown rice (I don’t like brown rice!) and I don’t eat broccoli because it causes gas/bloating. I will do my best to update, and if anyone has questions, I will happily answer them! Oh and I have a 24 oz cup I will drink water from and fill at least 3 times each day!

    • I felt hungry most of the morning so I was eating a lot of fruit. I went out and got a mango! It was really yummy but I didn’t realize people shouldn’t eat the skin!!! Oops. I also just found out the office will be celebrating a birthday on Friday (Day 4) and I have to PR 🙁 I am hoping we end up NOT going out, so I can have my bananas only! Can’t wait to update tomorrow!

    • Omgoodness! 155.6 on day two which is -2.6 pounds! I usually fluctuate between 1-1.5 pounds but -2.6?!!! Okay today I am having a sweet potato for breakfast, just cinnamon, beans I am boiling now (dry chili mix) a salad, carrots, a little bit of cabbage I boiled last night and maybe a cucumber if I am still hungry later today! I can’t wait for banana day!

        • Thank you! I am munching on celery now. I don’t want to eat my beans and salad just yet but I felt a little hungry! Since I already ate extremely well, I wasn’t sure about trying this “diet” but I’ll make my final decision on it about a week after I’m done. That way I can answer the “put the weight back on” question as well as the “does it really work” question 🙂

    • I forgot to mention I woke up with a headache the first night. I’m not sure if it was all the sugar from the fruit, but it went away pretty quickly. I had some celery this morning and I just had a cucumber, along with all the food I mentioned earlier! Having yoyoed all my adult life, with my weight, I know the key is to NOT go hungry! If you think you are hungry on this diet, eat something and drink lots of water!!!

    • Day 3. I am down 1.2 pounds after day 2! I really didn’t have the “bathroom” issue since I already eat very well, but I am still losing on this 7 day diet! I am having my coffee now, will have a strawberry, blueberry, pineapple juice and plant protein smoothie when I get to work, 2 apples, 2 pears, a salad (balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing) a cucumber, I’m boiling beans now, and another smoothie later if needed. I will make my soup tonight! Kinda worried I might have to eat lunch out tomorrow because of my job 🙁
      Morning of day three: down 3.8 pounds! Day one -2.6, Day two -1.2 Excited to see day 8!

        • Hi and thanks for reading my posts! I have MRM, Veggie Protein that is NON-GMO that I picked up on sale at the Vitamin Shoppe. This one is vanilla, I was afraid the chocolate would have more calories and sugars but I didn’t even look. The ones I prefer are Sun Warrior Warrior blends. I just looked at the labels and I will not go without the Warrior blend again!!! I found it the easiest to use for my taste and its organic!
          Happy Weightloss!

    • Morning of day 4: -.8 pounds. Total so far -4.6 pounds! I am not sure about today because I have to go out for lunch with the office 🙁 I am going to banana as much as I can, maybe just sit at the restaurant and talk?!! I made my soup last night, but added carrots and used tomato paste because I couldn’t find organic tomatoes, that were pretty enough to eat, the past few days! I am pretty sure that the stress at work yesterday caused me not to lose more, but its Friday and I am excited about the weekend!!!

      • I made it through the office lunch outing with just a couple of sips of water!!! I passed on eating at the restaurant, ordered water, and only drank a few sips because I don’t like drinking fluoride etc. For those of you reading my updates, I am STUFFED and only had coffee, a small bowl of the soup this morning, 6 bananas, 2 banana smoothies (frozen banana chunks, cinnamon and unsweetened cashew milk) and two 16 oz cups of cashew milk. I still have 1-3 bananas I can have according to the diet but not sure I’ll want them. Also, as you see in my posts, I blend a lot of my fruits into smoothies and I know a lot of people blend vegetables into smoothies as well. If you don’t like to eat the things on the diet, try blending them with spices until you find something you can handle! I might have to create some crazy stuff with the tomatoes tomorrow, so I don’t get bored!
        Good Luck everyone!

    • Good morning! Day 5 starting for me! Weight loss after day four only .2 pounds but I’m not giving up! My scales are the kind that tell you if you’ve lost fat, water, muscle and bone mass. I’ve gained muscle and lost fat and retained a little water even though I’m drinking tons of it!
      Total so far is -4.8 with three days left to lose 3.8 more pounds! I hope these tomatoes do the trick!!!

    • Morning day 6! I dropped another pound. I am retaining water and I’m not sure if its some of the spices I put in the soup or not. Today’s menu is Soup followed by carrots and celery then a salad and quinoa and snacking on green pepper and tomato drizzled with olive oil and basil! Starting weight; 158.2, current weight 152.4!
      Weight loss so far:
      Day 1; -2.6
      Day 2; -1.2
      Day 3; -.8
      Day 4; -.2
      Day 5; -1
      Total so far -5.8! All I wanted to lose was 9+ pounds and I have today and tomorrow to lose 3.2 more! If I need to, I’ll repeat this the beginning of April!
      Good luck everyone!

    • Good morning Day 7, final day! Today I am down 1.8 pounds from yesterday! Total is 7.6 pounds so far! Today I will be having soup, quinoa with veggies, organic store bought juices and some coffee this morning! Carrots for snack if needed!

    • Day 8, down .6 pounds for an even 150 new weight! Total lost on the 7 day GM plan 8.2 pounds! I’ll take it! I’ll be eating soup again for breakfast because my freezer is full and I don’t want to waste it! Besides, I’ll be eating way less meat now!!!
      Good luck everyone!

    • Today is day 8 and I just had chicken salad for lunch and I feel miserable! I feel bloated, nauseous and over all yucky! I will be eating way less meat now! I also have walked by the kitchen at work after cleaning up and it STINKS! Even though I made it myself and it tasted pretty good, I can’t believe I just ate that! Ewwwwww is all I can say.

  63. Since this consists of fruits and veggies, where is protein that your body needs?
    Is this diet good for diabetics? Fruit has its own natural sugars and diabetics are limited on fruits.
    How do you manage to keep from getting tired of the same menu? I love soup but eating the same exact soup 3x a day gets old fast.

    • You get protein from the beans and it’s enough during this diet. If you are diabetic you should ask your doctor before going on any diet. The soup is for breakfast, you don’t eat the soup 3x a day. The rest of the day you eat from the menu given for that day.

  64. On days 4-7 we can have 1-2 bowls of soup. Is that in addition to the rest of the instructions of what to eat on that given day? Or is the soup replacing something? Also does it matter what time you eat the soup? If we’re having 2 bowls of soup should we eat them back to back or for two separate meals?

    • The soup is in addition to the rest of the food for the given day. It’s for breakfast but you can have another bowl during the day (1 bowl per meal), it doesn’t matter what time.

  65. On Day 2, veggie day. Are Sugar Snap peas ok? I think I read where we should avoid peas. I’ve been eating the shell and tossing the peas inside. 🙂

    • Tomatoes must be raw. Soup is for days 4, 5, 6, and 7. If you think to replace regular water with Propel water then the answer is NO. You need to drink large amounts of water during this diet plan, and large amounts of Propel water is not good for your health.

  66. On day 5, tomato day, I see that we can have grape tomatoes. How many grape tomatoes would you eat in place of 1 regular tomatoe?

  67. Can I drink coffee? (I’m very addicted) If so, can I use artificial sweetener and fat free creamer? Thank you

  68. How many rounds or weeks if this diet do you recommend? Sorry if this was already asked but I couldn’t find it in any of the comments.

    • It depends on how much weight you want to loose. Do you want to go more aggressively or step by step. I recommend two rounds of this diet in a month with one week break between.

      • I need to lose at least 50+ so I guess more aggressively. Thank you! Also I was wondering if I could eat tomatoes on veggie days too or is that just on the 5th day?

  69. This diet has been tweeted from 1994’s “Cabbage Soup Diet”. I’ve used it many times!!!! It works! But was able to eat the soup any time I wanted… Actually was told if I didn’t eat the soup, I would not loose as much weight… And was able to season it with a package of Lipton Onion Soup Mix, which made it tasty…. We got beef with the tomatoes on the tomato day, and was allowed butter on the baked potato on that day…
    I will try it your way to see if I can still loose the 10 pounds… Just wish I could have the onion soup mix for the soup… I used green beans & tomatoes also in the soup… Is that allowed? Would love to add zucchini too!!!! Please let me know!
    Thank you!

    • Yes you can, but remember that modifying it even further you may reduce the efficiency of the diet. So, for best results don’t make too much modifications except if you are allergic on something.

  70. For the day you eat all tomatoes you commented that papayas could be used instead. I was wondering aboyt mangos, they have more lycopene. Will they be okay on this day ?

    • Mangoes have 3mg lycopene in 100g weight and tomatoes have 2573mg per 100g, so no, mangoes are not good substitute for tomatoes in this diet.

  71. Good Morning. I read through as much comments as i could and i could not find all the answers.

    Can i eat avocado on fruit days? (i saw you said no to veg days so just making sure)
    What can i put salt on?
    Last but not least-absolutely no corn correct?

    • Good Morning. Avocado is not allowed at all in this diet. You can use salt for the soup and veggies. Yes, absolutely no corn.

  72. Couple of questions…. can I chew sugar free gum, can I make my own ranch dressing using plain greek yogurt and hidden valley ranch packet for salad, can I eat mustard with the tomatoes ?

    • Sure, you can chew sugar free gum. Yes, you can make your own ranch dressing. Mustard is not allowed.

      • Thanks. On day five…. the diet directions call for brown rice for lunch, 6-7 tomatoes throughout the day, and notes that the cabbage soup can be consumed for breakfast. Are these the only foods that should be consumed on day 5 or are fruits and vegetables allowed?
        Is fruit allowed for breakfast on day 6?
        Do I have to drink the fruit juice on the days calling for it? I normally only drink water.

        • You are welcome. Yes, these are the only foods that should be consumed on day 5. Fruit is not allowed on day 6. If you can’t drink fruit juice, water is fine.

  73. Hi I have a question today is my day for and the diet doesn’t say anything about water.. Do i still Drink the 12-15 glasses of water? Sorry if its a dumb question just don’t want to mess up i’m surprised i made it this far without cheating.

    • Hi Michele. You drink 8-12 glasses of water on day 4 and 12-15 on day 5. Stay strong and go ahead.

  74. I read the comments and if I missed this question, I’m sorry in advance. On days 5-7, are we allowed to eat breakfast? Or just start with the rice for lunch? Thank you!!!

  75. You have the soup on there, I’m confused because in the diet plans you have you don’t mention being able to have soup. What is the soup for and when can you have it?

  76. If I am nursing, is this diet ok for me? I didn’t know if I needed to consume more since my daughter basically takes everything that I eat.

    • Coffee is not recommended during this diet, but if you can’t quit coffee use stevia as a sweetener.

    • Please read the comments: Papayas (pawpaws) are the best substitute for bananas. Kiwis and apricots are also good substitute for bananas.

  77. what about coffee? – I must drink coffee with small amount of milk at the beginning of each day – is that OK?

  78. Can we eat Heinz beans with tomato sauce?
    Let me know ASAP so I can eat it for dinner tonight if that’s the case – thanks for the post

  79. Odd my response disappeared! First of I want to say thanks for the post and all the comments you replied to everyone – makes it easier to know what to eat etc

    Started day 1 today, had some fruits for breakfast already so far so good. Not entirely hungry yet!

    Question about the rice day.. it says you can eat a cup of rice for lunch , can we eat it for dinner instead?


      • Oh man, I’m assuming it’s not normal to be starving is it haha? it’s hard I even had to eat a potato for dinner :S but usually during the day my stomach will grumble like no tomorrow I guess that’s where the fat is going. Anyone struggling? I can’t imagine when we get to just the tomato day I hope it gets easier.. onward to day 3 tomorrow!

        • Last day today! I will post my results tomorrow morning !
          I find it easier to do it on the weekend because you get to sleep in and don’t need to drink soup for breakfast but have it for lunch instead. I have the rice for dinner which is very filling.

        • I’m so glad to be done ! I have lost 9 pounds in the process that is like the fastest I ever lost weight haha not bad for only 7 days!! My parents thought I was insane to eat 8 bananas and thinking im gonna starve and die and saying how ridiculous this was to do and that i’m dumb for trying it .. (sigh Asians) Thank you for the posting!

  80. I have tried this twice with a week in between. Not really hard to do until Tomato day, I suggest carrots and watermen if tomatoes become a problem. Don’t give up once you get past that day it’s all downhill. Yes, I did see a lose? 5lbs. 1st week and 6.4Lbs. the 2nd week.
    Also soup is awesome. I don’t like cabbage, so I ate the broth.

  81. I started Day 4 today and I’m down 5 lbs and my husband is down 6 lbs. I am 62 years old and I don’t lose weight easily. This diet has been a miracle for me. I hope I lose as much the next 4 days as I have the first 3.
    Thanks for posting!

  82. I am starting the diet for the second time , after a week break. I lost 9 pounds first time. Ate sensibly
    For a week and have maintained the loss. Hope I do as well the second time around. Will let you know. Thanks !

  83. Although there is no good excuse for cheating on a 7 day diet, I had pizza on Day 3 due to lack of planning and not being able to leave work. Should I start over to Day 1 or continue to Day 3 tomorrow?

  84. I just finished day 7 and I lost 7.5 pounds. I’ll take it! I feel really good after eating so good for a whole week, it was a good cleanse for the body. Day 2 was the hardest for me, but I worked through and the rest was easy. I used fat free cottage cheese instead of the milk on day 4. Thanks for sharing this! Good luck to everyone!

  85. For those of you contemplating trying this diet, I am on day 3 and have already lost 6 lbs. I feel great! The 2 baked potatoes I had on day 2 were a treat – definitely something to look forward to. It has been very easy so far – try it! 😉

  86. I’m on day 4 & feeling GREAT! 55 yr old grandmother at 177.5 lbs at the start – felt chubby and tired. As of today lost 4 pounds, have energy, feel light, and not craving food (dis LOVE my Soup this morning). I do have hypertension but it is under control and I’m having no ill affects. Sleeping good. Yippee! Thanks so much for sharing this diet. I hope I’m losing more than just water weight though, so we’ll see. My daughter & son-in-law are doing the diet too – so we have mutual support.

    • Just wanted to say that I am retaining some water but lost 5.8 pounds so far after days 1-5! I know its fluid because my hands are tight this morning and my scales went from 49.2% water to 49.9% over two days!
      Good luck to all of you!

  87. hello, thank you for your patience.
    i had just one question. can i eat tomatoes on day 7 or the fact that i ate them on day 6 means i shouldnt eat them the day after?
    i’m on the 7th day and i have lost 7 kgs, yeah!!!! but i have to say that i drank a lot, truly a lot of water. since it is really hot here (i live in Italy, it was 39 degrees today at 15.00) i needed to drink all the time. i didnt feel hungry at all, thanky you for this diet, i will add as much fruits and vegetables i can to my eating routine.

  88. I posted this last saturday, been waiting for answer and I just noticed for some reason it’s gone. Anyway, for the soup I read I can substitute califlower for onions and carrots for green peppers, what can I sub for tomato’s? I hate tomato’s.

  89. Can you use ready in a minute brown rice that you microwave? I don’t ever cook rice properly? I’m on day one, excited about veggies tomorrow!! Also I work night shift but on my transition day back to day shift on Monday morning when I get off at 7 am I will technically finishing day 3 but starting day 4 at the same time since I stay up for 24 straight my first day off. Should I just wait a few hours before eating a banana after I get off work? Sorry for the log question and thank you for answering everyone else’s questions! I’m super excited!!

    • Don’t use instant rice (rice should not cook instantly). You can eat banana after work, you don’t have to wait. Thank you too for reading us and keep us updated.

  90. I started the diet on Monday and weighed this morning and have lost 9 lbs so far. Can’t wait till I get t eat some protein on Monday. Very pleased so far with my results. I need to lose about 75 more lbs. Going to stay off this a week and then start it back, every other week till my birthday in November. Hope to have lost it all by then.

  91. I didn’t read the comments until today but apparently I made a mistake in eating some corn on the veg days, will that make the diet not work? I’m on day 4 now.

  92. If I am following the daily diet and eating only what is listed for that day, but I am still hungry throughout the day, will that affect me losing weight?

  93. Oh My Gosh! I am so pumped that I found this! I am 5’0″/5’1″ tall so weight loss has always been a struggle lol. I am going to follow this plan to the “T”!! I work nightshift, so this will hopefully keep me from snacking on things I shouldn’t lol. Need to lose about 35-40lbs. This will be a great jumpstart to my weight loss!! Will be starting this very soon!!!

  94. Started this diet on Monday July 6th and after doing the whole 7 day plan I had a loss of 10 lbs as of this morning. I only had 25 to lose so that is a big plus for me. Just a few tips I noticed throughout the week is you should eat till you are satisfied. The days I caught myself not eating to being full I didn’t lose any weight but the days that i filled my hunger I had a loss the following morning. I probably would have had a bigger loss but this weekend I took care of my Mom for the weekend so I wasn’t paying attention to me just wanted to spend more time with her so that probably hindered my weight loss over the weekend. Will take a few days off and start up again more focused. 10 lbs may not sound like much but think of it this way I dropped a pants size, Jeans that I couldn’t wear before last week I am able to wear them today. I will still be conscious of my eating habits. Add more fruit and veggies to my meals which we all know are much healthier. But for today it will be “Steak and potato” for supper as I have been craving PROTEIN… thanks for the GM plan it is true to it’s word and very well planned out for you.

  95. Wow just wow!! I’ve never read a diet that I actually wanted to-do. I’m 38 and never have been on a “diet” I’ve had 5 children and maintain about 150 llbs . This actually sounds fun. I’ll start tomorrow since I’ve already had a cup of coffee. Ill report weight loss. And ppl there is no way you could have a question if you read all the comments! !

  96. I am going to start tomorrow, my daughter was talking about a diet today she is going to try, I didn’t know it was this diet, I have lost close to 90lbs in the last year or two but for the firsy time I just gained 15 lbs since April, I lost my Aunt and I have bad a rough time getting back on any plan, so I am excited to use this diet a jump start to get going again, I am still over 30p lbs so I have a ways to go, thanks for posting this!

  97. I found this diet on Facebook and I am pumped! I changed my eating habits about 3 months ago, and lost 20lbs, but have been on a plateau the last couple of weeks and getting discouraged. I started the GM plan (sorry, I’m not calling it a diet!) this morning, and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in 7 days. YAY!

  98. I just completed day 3 and I am LOVING this diet! I’m not going to lie it takes a lot of will power to do this but it’s so WORTH it!! I was down 3.5 lbs as of this morning! THANK YOU

  99. Day 6 here and feeling good. I’ve only lost a total of 5 pounds but I can tell that I’ve also lost some belly. My eleven year old daughter says she can really see a difference. I have liked that I’ve been able to eat different things on different days. I have also noticed that I don’t crave the same foods that I did before I started this diet. I think if you follow this diet, stick it out, you will see results in weight and I think it will change the way you eat even afterwards.

  100. Yesterday was day 7. I do not own a scale but can say I feel much lighter. I think if you follow the diet plan weight loss is guaranteed.

  101. I’m on day 4 a lost close to 10 pounds. I’m a active person. About to head out to run a mile! Thank you so much. It’s a tuff diet though…

  102. Thanks for this! Me and my boyfriend plan on starting today..will keep results updated. Quick question though – he isn’t fond of bananas..on that note, what’s a good substitute?

  103. While researching I found most other websites talking about the GM Diet Plan have days 5-7 including lean beef? Is this diet just a different method/plan than the other GM Diet Plans out there? Everything else seems to be about the same other than this?

  104. I gained weight when I quit smoking 6 months ago. I can eat about everything that is on this list. Will be starting this within just a couple days. Haha need to make a run to the grocery store.

  105. I have lots of bananas in the house right now. Will start tomorrow. Nothing has worked before, so anxious to get started. Will keep you updated. Thank you for publishing this diet. It sound enjoyable if you can classify a diet as enjoyable! LOL!

  106. Day 3 I have realized I have lost some inches. I don’t know how many because I didn’t measure before I started the diet but my clothes are certainly fitting different. I’m not very hungry throughout the day and am loving the fruits and veggies. I have found that I like black beans….I’m hoping they are okay for this diet. Nervous about tomorrow but looking forward to it as I keep looking at those bananas on the counter…waiting….

  107. Just stumbled on this page…it’s been good to read all the questions & comments. I never heard of this before, so that gave me a good starting place. I have about 25 pounds to lose…I’m very excited to give this a try to get ‘jump started’ on my weight loss.

  108. On day one can you use full fat or low fat PLAN Greek yogurt in place of some of the milk? Also are the mini sweet peppers ok as a veggie or a frui?

  109. Read through all the comments…you have the patience of Job! The only questions I have that haven’t already been answered is since I’m allergic to rice, can I substitute quinoa? And the second is that I’m severely allergic to dairy and almonds, is coconut milk ok? Thank you! I’m eating my fruit right now!!!

    • Yes, you can substitute rice with quinoa, coconut milk is OK too. Don’t make too much modifications to the diet. Modifying it even further may reduce the efficiency of the diet.

  110. Day 2 began by stepping on the scales. 5 pounds lighter! Started the day with broiled new potatoes and tomatoes for breakfast–even if my husband thought I was odd for eating potatoes for breakfast. Lunch was peas, carrots, cooked cabbage, cucumber and onion. Loving the veggies today! Not hungry at all!

  111. On day 6 and down 6 1/2 lbs even considering one bad meal on July 4th, my banana day. Hopefully today and tomorrow will yield a loss and will try again at the end of the week. Thank you for the post!

  112. I just want to say thank you for posting this! Feel sorry for you having to answer the same questions over again. If they would just read the comments. Lol. Anyways will try to post results I’m a active person, I’m going to try to run a mile each day with it as well. Day 1: Water Melon, Strawberry, and cantaloupe shake. And bunch of cut of pieces.

  113. You are precious for taking them time to answer all of these questions (even multiple times for some questions lol) anyways can I drink the honey/cinnamon “potion”, that’s found on your website, morning and night like recommended while doing this?

  114. I am on day 5! I lost 5 lbs each through the first 3 days (15 lbs) and about 2 lbs yesterday. I should also mention that I hurt my shoulder and back a couple days before I started the diet so I have literately laid on the couch all day and still lost weight! I can’t imagine if I had been able to be up and doing my usual activities.

  115. I’m on day 3 and was about to make the soup ahead. Can you add more water to make the soup? 22oz doesn’t seem like enough for all those veggies

  116. Day 3 and i have lost 6 lbs so far. Probably would have been more but i’m addicted to Mt. Dew lol. I did cut back on it though. I was very unsure when i started this, but im convinced now ! Thanks Life Health And Beauty for sharing!!

  117. I am currently on day 5 of this diet and thus far I’ve lost 8 lbs. 🙂 I work third shift so I’ve had to adjust slightly when I eat things to accommodate my sleep/wake schedule. I’m not sure if that has any influence on this diet and success or not. However, I’m pleased with results thus far. On banana day, I made “shakes” with the bananas and milk combined, as I am not fond of bananas at all. This was the only way I could tolerate them. Otherwise, on day 5 and going strong!

  118. my comment is that u are a very patient person. The one good thing I read is that on veggie day u can have a baked potato

  119. Im so excited about this diet! So my only question is on day 5-7 the soup can be eaten for breakfast is this correct? Thank you and i will post results afterwards!

  120. A friend of mine did this quite a few years ago. She kept on the diet for over a year. She did a week break in between. In the free weeks she called them she ate 3 to 6 ounces of protein. Usually fish or chicken baked. At least a couple times a month she would eat red meat. Other than that she lived on this diet! I couldn’t believe she could stick to this diet when nothing had ever helped before. She never starved! She carried Ziploc bags or plastic bowls of either soup,raw fruit or vegetables and all day long she would be chewing on something. She drank lemon water and black coffee. When she started she wore a size 26/28. When she got married she wore a size 8 dress. She has put some weight back on but she says she is comfortable. She still eats the soup for lunch or dinner. I am going to do this because I know it worked for her. I never knew the whole layout of the diet.If it takes me a while that’s going to have to be fine! I didn’t get this weight over 7 days and it’s not going to go away in seven days. I’ll keep in touch. I would like to ask can you drink tomatoe juice instead of the tomatoes? I can’t eat seeds or hulls. I’m fine with the rest! Thank you for all your patience!

  121. My daughter and I started the diet yesterday and I have lost 6lbs and she lost 4. I’m dreading day 4 but these first two have been good. We have exercised with the diet so that May have something to do with our weight loss. The exercise is nothing major I just took about a 30 min walk through my neighborhood during the evening each day. Will keep updating our progress

    • Wow, you’re lucky!! I’m on Day 6 and have only lost 4 pounds. I’m following every step exactly. This has been very disheartening for me. I spent 2 weeks worth of grocery budget on all these fruits and veggies, and I basically lost nothing. (except a weeks’ worth of grocery money) I even have been doing exercises and riding my stationary bike. I lost 3 pounds the first day and only 1 since then. Very very very depressing!!

  122. on day seven when it says to drink fruit juices are these store bought fruit juices or do I need to make them? If we buy the fruit juices what do I need to be looking for?

  123. I heard about this “Soup Diet” many years ago. I love fruits and vegetables so I hope this will work for me. I will be 52 tomorrow and I want to shed about 15 pounds. I started the GM Diet Plan this morning.

  124. I started this yesterday. Had just watermelon and cantaloupe all day ( nibbled on it throughout day bc I am a server) drank maybe 2 glasses of water. I’m on day two and was so glad I got to eat a potato (substance) day 1 was hard! Was hungry but felt bloated from the melon liquid. Not giving up tho!

  125. You have amazing patience!! I will start this tomorrow. Get to the store today. I think Ive read it all, my only question is fruit juices. I know my kids tell me “fruit juice” on the label is not fruit juice. How careful do I need to be?
    Thanks, looking forward to this

  126. For those asking for results I completed the 7 day diet yesterday, lost a total 0f 6 pounds..I followed the directions to the very end with no exceptions..

  127. I weighed myself after day 3……8.5lbs lost. Can’t wait to see the final results on Thursday!!!!! The amazing thing to me is my skin is appropriately shrinking with my weight and not leaving me with saggy skin.

  128. Today was my “prep” day…. lots of carbs. I am 35 lbs overweight & wondering if I can continue on this diet after the 7 days?!
    I had my personal trainer read this diet & he explained to me what was about to happen to my body! I am ready… Thank you, so much for making this available to us…
    I WILL reply with my daily results..

    • You can continue with this diet but make 3-7 days break, and in the meantime don’t take more than 2000 calories daily and stay hydrated.

  129. I finished the plan yesterday. Only lost 6lb but I have only lost 26lb in the past 8 weeks on the military diet. Total since april 32lb. 6 lb Not the big loss that I wanted. Hope I don’t gain it back this holiday weekend.

  130. This is the first diet I felt I could complete. I am on day 3 and have not been hungry. I feel blotted perhaps from the water. Is vinegar ok on the veggies? Can I put a little lemon juice in my water?

  131. I’m on day 5 and after following this I’m down 4.1 lbs. Day 4, the banana day only yielded a 1 ounce loss. Not sure if anyone else has has the same problem as me but I have been extremely hungry every day. Water helps for a bit but not enough. Anyone else have the same issue?

    • From day 4 you have soup for breakfast but if you feel extremely hungry during the day you can take another bowl of soup (from day 4 to day 7).

    • same here and only stayed the same after day 5 loved the first 3 days!! still feel good so unless today there is a good number I will just repeat day 1 for my 7th day cant eat the soup! so maybe that what s wrong with me.. anyways good luck keep the updates! =)

  132. After day 2, the morning of day 3 I had lost 6 lbs. So excited and pumped to see what the rest of the week holds!! Yay!!

  133. On day 5 I had gained 3 oz and on day 6 I gained 1 lb 3 oz..I have followed this diet to the letter, has this happened to anyone else??? On day 6 I just show a total weight loss of 4 lbs.

    • DT, I am sure LH&B will have an answer too, but how hydrated were you when you started the diet? Often when I start diets that having drinking a lot of water I will actually gain 5+ pounds the first few days from just properly hydrating my body..then the weight loss from the diet itself occurs.. So often I will drink about a gallon of water per day a couple days before starting a diet like this and then use that weight as my starting weight to go by..

      • I’m pretty sure I probably wasn’t as well hydrated when I started as I should have been. I am on day 4 and I “peeked” yesterday and I had lost 3 lbs. But I can tell a huge difference in my complexion; the dark circles under my eyes are gone and the little fat pads have just about completely plumped back out, making the area under my eyes look 10 years younger. I’ve certainly learned a huge lesson about my fluid intake.

  134. I know this sounds weird, but I am allergic to watermelon…are apples, cherries, pears, peaches, and berries enough of a fruit substitute for the day?

  135. I’ve read through all of the comments, and alot of my questions were answered, but I still have a few more. I plan on starting this on Sunday. Sorry for so many questions…..Are smoothies ok, made with fruit, alittle water and ice in a blender?***Is it ok to chop up a tomato and put in in the rice on tomato day?***Is hummus ok?***Is it possible to switch the time to have rice with a veggie on day 6? I have no way to heat up the rice while at work?***When you said we could have juice (even orange) do you mean fresh squeezed only or 100% juice from a store? Thank you!

    • Smoothie is OK, it is OK to put tomatoes in the rice, hummus is NOT OK, yes you can switch the time, fresh squeezed- not from a store.

  136. On day 5 & 6 “the feast day” do you eat the rice & Tomatoes along with the fruit and veggies from the previous days?

  137. I am on a pretty stringent workout program, so was wondering if there is enough protein in this diet to keep my energy level up for my workouts? Or should I wait until off the workout program.

  138. Is there any substitute for the peppers in the soup?? Thanks for answering all questions it has really helped!! I’m on day two and going strong

    • You can substitute peppers with carrots. Good luck with the diet and stay strong. You will be surprised, just follow the rules.

  139. Can any seasonings other than salt and pepper be used when making the vegetable soup? Such as beef bullion or some other sort of clear broth? Also, for the purposes of this diet are tomatoes considered a fruit or vegetable? Many people consider then a vegetable when they are actually a fruit is why I ask.

    • Dried herbs and spices can also be used. You can use low sodium vegetable broth that is 100% fat-free and low-calorie. In this diet tomatoes are considered as a vegetable.

    • Water is the best, but if you want substitute make sure that low sodium vegetable broth is 100% fat-free and low-calorie.

    • Yes, all fruits are allowed, don’t use fruit cups (they contain sugar, aromas, artificial colors, additives, preservatives…). All vegetables allowed except corn.

  140. First, I appreciate you taking time to answer every questions that are being asked. Thank you!

    May I also ask if we can use raw honey instead of stevia? Can we take the GM soup from day 4 til day 7? And how much can we take per day? Lastly, a cup of rice can only be eaten once a day, and can I replace it with basmati rice? Thank you!

    • Thanks Anna and thank you too for reading us. You can use raw honey instead of stevia but don’t use more than 1/2 tbsp or else you’ll end up putting up extra calories. GM soup is consumed from day 4 till day 7 for breakfast. Because this soup is low caloric it is permitted to have another bowl through the day if you find yourself getting hungry. Only regular brown rice is allowed, so no basmati rice (white or brown).

    • I am shopping tomorrow and beginning on Thurs. I think I’ll freeze the bananas and blender them with the milk. The thought of drinking milk makes me gag :/

  141. Can I substitute cauliflower in place of the onions in the soup? Also to everyone that has been asking, I’m on my 3rd day and have lost 7lbs so it does work.

  142. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but where does this diet stand on dried fruit? Allowed? Not allowed? Thank you! I’m half way through day one and going strong.

  143. On the banana and milk day…it says that we should have 8-10 bananas and 3 glasses of milk but when u did the breakdown there are 4 glasses of milk. So do we do 3 or 4 glasses of milk?

  144. i just had corn for lunch and no where in my copy of this diet did it say anything about not eating corn. This is very confusing because it seems like there are many different versions to this diet, how is one suppose to know what you can and cannot have?

    • Yes, there are several versions of this diet: Vegetarian, Indian, Original (not modified – with beef meat)…

  145. Also, ive heard eating too many bananas can be bad for you.. in an article i just read it said health professionals only recommend 2-3 bananas per day.

    • Don’t worry about that. If you was thinking about potassium intake with bananas, they don’t exceeds the daily permitted amount.

  146. Going to try it !! Starting tomorrow…….. will give updates ……Is there anyone that has already started ??? How’s it going ???

    • Yes you can use water packets. No dressing except malt, white or wine vinegar, squeezed lemon, garlic, herbs.

    • There are people with diabetes type 2 who have done it. I think the best thing is to ask your doctor and show him the plan.

  147. Should we stop using any diet pills ( ACE or Garcinia Cambogia) during this period? or can we continue to use them in conjunction?

    • For thyroid disease sufferers, these diet plans will not work that smoothly. If your doctor hasn’t suggested you any particular diet to treat hypothyroidism, then you can follow this diet. For any case, it is best to consult your family doctor before taking any decisions.

  148. I dink TONS of water and UN-SWEET tea, and coffee JUST BLACK. Can I use the tea especially with the water intake since there’s NO sugar?

  149. I’ll admit I am addicted to coffee – l drink it all day. I do drink it black. If I would try and stop drinking it I would get sever headaches. Can I drink coffee as well as the water?

    • As I said to theresa, coffee is not recommended, but if you do have it then use stevia as a sweetener.

    • If you don’t like tomatoes you can eat red carrots, watermelon or papayas. Coffee is not recommended but if you do have it use only stevia as a sweetener.

    • It is not recommended, but if you must then take only white wine and beer, but not more than 2 glasses.

  150. I am diabetic and am on insulin! I take a shot before each meal. Any idea how a diabetic can handle this diet. It sounds great and I would love to try it…

    • People who are suffering from hypertension, diabetes and heart problems are advised not to go on a GM diet.

      • I have hypertension that is comtrolled with medication. Can I do this diet if I monitor my blood pressure? I’m not really understanding what the reason you wouldn’t be able to do this.

        • In your case it’s best for you to consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional before going on any diet.

    • It is soup, rice and tomatoes, not just tomatoes. And about acid reflux, there are some people that stated GM diet has helped them to overcome the problem with acid reflux.